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Local professor remembers his friend and co-star Paul Walker

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Friends and fans are still working to cope with the death of actor Paul Walker.

Among those, there is a local professor who worked with him on the set of a movie just last year.

Yohance Myles says it's still surreal that his colleague is gone.

Myles worked with Walker on the set of "Hours," a movie set to release next week about Hurricane Katrina.

"Still in a state of shock even outside of what you see on TV and the memorial that they have, it's still one of those things like I just worked with him last year that's not too long ago," said Myles.

Myles, who has 9 years of experience in film, plays Dr. Edmonds in "Hours," a man who befriends Walker, who is trying to save his new born daughter on life support, from the storm.

"After we shot our first scene he the first thing he says is, you okay with that, you good with that you want to re shoot it, do it again, I'm thinking to myself you're Paul Walker," Myles explained.

It's a film Myles says really hit close to home for Walker. On set, Myles says Walker was a true professional. Off set, Myles said he was genuine, loved to help others and shared stories with him about his family.

"He definitely shared how important it was for him with his daughter, his relationship with his daughter and how important it was outside of what happens in LA," he said. "That's the beauty of knowing him, you get a chance to see the heart, the integrity of a guy outside of his work but that makes him good."

Wednesday, preliminary results from Walker's autopsy were revealed and it showed speed was a factor in the fiery crash that claimed his life Saturday.

Myles said he wants people to remember Walker for his work in the community, and as someone who loved to help others.

"That's how I remember him, it was always about someone else," he said.

A special screening of "Hours" will be shown at 6:00 p.m. next Tuesday at Jackson State University.

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