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Where you can pack a pistol

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Attorney General is openly detailing his most recent opinion on Mississippi's new enhance carry law, allowing you to carry a weapon in numerous locations.

The information spells out where you can and where you cannot pack a pistol. If you are a regular permit holder you can't carry a pistol into a polling place but you can if you have a enhanced permit, and you can carry a gun in schools, and restaurants even if they post no guns allowed signs.

Brad Harbour is a certified enhance permit trainer registered with the Department of Public Safety. "If you have the enhanced permit you can carry it anywhere except the police department sheriffs department, highway patrol offices, detention centers, prisons or jails or a place of nuisance.

I posed this question to Harbour. "You can carry it to a school event, a church?" He replied, "Yes." @ General Jim Hood said, the opinion does not affect the rights of property owners or custodians, who may post signs or otherwise prevent carrying weapons onto private property, including state and local government facility's and federal installations.

The enhanced permit law remains a political hot potato, wrapped in confusion. It was passed July 1.

Mississippi municipalities, counties and school districts may rethink restrictions they have placed on the open carry of guns in the wake of a new opinion from Attorney General Jim Hood. Hood's office made public Thursday an opinion issued to the city of Corinth regarding its new ordinance that restricts the carrying of guns - concealed or otherwise - from various areas. 

Wendell Trapp Jr., a Corinth attorney who wrote the letter to Hood, says the opinion is very detailed and he wants to thoroughly review it before commenting. Dozens of government entities have sought to restrict the open carry of weapons since the law took effect. 

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