Prayer vigil held for shooting victim Destinee Ford - - Jackson, MS

Prayer vigil held for shooting victim Destinee Ford

Family and friends gather for Destinee Ford's prayer vigil Family and friends gather for Destinee Ford's prayer vigil
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Saturday night, family and friends of Destinee Ford held a candle light vigil in her honor. The 15- year- old was shot and killed Thursday, as an innocent bystander to a fight.

More than 50 people gathered Saturday to remember Destinee's short life. Her family wants Destinee's death to be a reminder that the senseless gun violence in Jackson has to stop.

"Destinee was loved," explained Felishia Tucker, Destinee's aunt. "Destinee had a family, Destinee had grandparents, she had friends and it's shown by the people that are gathered here today people loved her."

Destinee was shot and killed Thursday after a fight broke out at the intersection of Anna Lisa Lane and Castle Hill Drive. Her family and friends are still shocked and devastated.  

"She was just like a little sister to me and it hurts me that she had to die at this early age," said Marcenia Holloway, a friend of Destinee. "But I know God don't make any mistakes. I just hope that she in a better place."

Destinee's family said she loved to sing and take pictures.

"She just gravitated towards me, her and her two brothers and we just went to church together, prayed together," added Marlena Holloway, Destinee's neighbor. "She had a close relationship with God."

City leaders also attended Saturday night's vigil - to send a message that Destinee's death won't be in vain.  

"The guns, the violence, the things that are going on here, they have to stop because it was our loved one this time but it may be your loved one next time," said Tucker. "Everybody deserves a chance to live, Destinee will not graduate from high school because somebody took that from her. She would never get married, she will never have kids, because that was taken from her for no reason."

Funeral arrangements for Destinee are still pending. Police have charged two people for her murder, 18 year old,  Dennis Picket and Demonte Finch.

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