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Bullfighting event sparks protestors downtown

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Bullfighting made its way to the Capitol City over the weekend, but the event was not welcomed with open arms.

Organizers hoped the turnout would have been better at the State Fairgrounds, but they believe an online petition caused low numbers.

People against the event said although none of the animals were killed, they were still in a threatening environment.

However, there were some who still showed support.

"I think it's time for Mississippi to change and be able to open its doors to new and different experiences," said Walley Naylor of Madison.

A small group of protestors rallied outside the entrance hoping this would be the last time an event happens here.

"This is really important to all of us because we believe animals have the right to live a free and healthy life and to put it in a situation that is foreign to it and threatening to it is not fair especially for entertainment reasons," said Shelby Parsons, one of the protesters.  

For the last couple of weeks, folks have been petitioning the event. One petition on change.org and Facebook had more than 8,800 signatures. However, organizers stress their version of the bullfight was humane.

"Our event is very humane, we don't even rope our bulls or taser them," said Pete Castorena, the creator and promoter of the event. "A lot of Mississippians and Americans actually go to other countries to see this type of event, but they actually kill the bulls out there in these other countries so we are in hope that they can come and see our culture but without the killing of the bull," Castorena explained.

Organizers believe the petitions caused the low attendance Saturday night. They hope eventually people will become accepting.  

"We saw the protestors and we understand that the animals are not being hurt in any way so we hope to continue to see this type of activity in Jackson," said Sharon Martin of Florence.

Although the turnout was low, Castorena said he plans to bring the bullfighting event next year.


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