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Video of Wingfield fights showing up online

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Social media, and online videos could provide answers in the murder of a Wingfield High School Freshman. Destinee Ford died after being shot once in the chest last Thursday. The fatal shooting happened just off campus, when school let out.

Just enter 'Wingfield Fights' in the search bar on YouTube, and dozens of fight videos shot on cell phones come up, recorded on and off campus.

A shocking revelation to what some parents say their children already warned them about.

"They told me usually there's fights here pretty much everyday," said Larry Jackson, a grandparent. 

Larry and Diana Jackson say they've seen the videos and are deeply concerned about the safety of their two grandchildren who are Wingfield students, and have witnessed the violence first hand.

Some of the fights on campus are done right in front of security guards, who struggle to separate the students.

"They leave home and they come to school you want them to be safe but they come to school and you're worried about them," said Jackson.

The off campus fight videos become more violent with no one to break them up, with some kids showing visible injuries, including closed eyes from multiple punches.

A week before Destinee Ford was killed, one resident heard gunshots near where a mob of students were fighting in the street. Parents are hoping security is stepped up in and around the school, and they're telling their kids how to protect themselves.

"Like I tell them before they leave home pray and stay out of crowds and stuff like that," said Diana Jackson.

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