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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Angst on Arbor Vista

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We go back to the Pecan Park community in west Jackson; once considered "the" community for African American professionals. My first report produced positive results, but new problems have surfaced.

There are two properties, 955 and 957 Arbor Vista Boulevard, residents say, threaten the value of the homes they've lived in for more than 40-years. One of the residents called 3 On Your Side and I check it out.

Pearlie Mae Peterson said, "Lot of time, I don't like to leave home at night because I'm afraid to come back home, because I don't know who's across the street."

No way for anyone to have to live and it hasn't always been that way for Peterson and other long time residents of Arbor Vista Drive.

Alyce Clark said, "All of us who live on this street are busy trying to improve our property."

Clarke is also a long time resident of this street. The state representative and her neighbors say it's hard to keep the value of their property up with eyesores like this empty lot choked with weeds and this abandoned house next door.

She said, "We also think that it becomes a safety factor, cuz if you have to come home and you got that around you, you don't know who might jump out of the bushes and grab you."

Clarke continued, "So, we are appealing to whoever owns the property to please help us get it cleaned up."

I checked the Hinds County Landroll and found no listing for 957 or 955 Arbor Vista Boulevard. Also, I checked to see if the City of Jackson was aware of the properties. Spokesperson Jewell Davis said she is working on an update and will contact me as soon as she receives the status.

In July 2012, I checked out an eyesore in the Pecan Park community on Lynch and Aberdeen streets, at the request of Rep. Clarke. The property is much improved now. Clarke says the dilapidated structure was demolished shortly after my story aired.

Clarke said, "And I just want to say to you, thank you for all you've been doing through the city trying to help us to take back our neighborhood and this is our way of trying to take back our neighborhood , because that's exactly what we want to do is take back our neighborhood."

Let us help you take back your neighborhood. Just send an email to hballou@wlbt.com or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

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