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Pearl River Glass Studio - Business Matters

Nearly four decades ago, a Jackson artist set out to prove he could make art full-time and create a thriving business. Now, his glass studio is a staple in Midtown Jackson and other artists are benefiting from the jobs he has created.

Attention to detail is critical for a business owner or an artist, and in this case Andy Young is both. Young now oversees more than a dozen artists at his Pearl River Glass Studio on Millsaps Avenue.

When he opened Pearl River Glass Studio in 1975 it was just him and two other guys.

"We started off with a very small group, and right now we have 13 employees and Pearl River (Glass Studio) has been slowly expanding," Young said.

With its expanse they are investing back into the "Artists District" in Midtown.

"We've bought additional properties, we've got building renovations that have been done, we've added additional equipment," Young said.

Some of that equipment are large machines used for making kiln form glass. They recently used the machine to make a beautiful stained-glass window for a church in Brookhaven, which depicts Christ's miracle with the loaves and fishes.

Young said helping clients realize their vision is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. 

"Hearing their ideas and trying to interpret it for them into something they're going to love and appreciate for a long time," Young said.

Another reward is helping his artists realize their visions.

"Christmas is always a very busy time," Young explained. "Every year we have a competition to who gets to design the Christmas tree ornament."

Melanie McKinley gets the honor this year with her poinsettia design, but by the looks of the activity at Young's studio everyone's creativity is on full display.

"One of the things that I wanted to do with Pearl River was to demonstrate to the public, other artists, that you could be successful, you could have a business as an artist, and have employees and perform in the community like any other enterprise," Young said.

And, in a studio full of a art some of Young's best work may be the business itself.

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