Work resumes on Capital Street, Fortification Street still stall - - Jackson, MS

Work resumes on Capital Street, Fortification Street still stalled

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Work has resumed on the re-building of Capitol Street in downtown Jackson. It had been halted for some five weeks while the contractor waited for a change order, that meant $218,000 more, to continue the work.

Work had been stopped because the contractor, Eutaw Construction Company of Aberdeen, ran into problems with the soil. Capitol street is built over Town Creek.

Eutaw had to wait to get the city council to approve an additional $218,000 to buy rock to be put in the soil to make it stable.

Jerry Kountouris, owner of the Mayflower Cafe at Capitol and Roach Streets, is happy to see the project working again.

"It's a blessing that Margaret Barrett came in and got the construction people back to work," said Kountouris.

He says his business if off probably 40%; 30% at the evening.

"We are real happy the workers are back on the Capitol Street project," said Parlor Restaurant Executive chef Mathew Kajden. "Oh you know business was off but we are really glad they are back working. We are glad they are back on the job."

Work on the Fortification Street rebuilding is also stalled, waiting for money. Two million is needed for unforeseen problems, and has council approval, but work is yet to resume. The change order was made necessary when discovered the poor quality of the soil after construction was underway.

We contacted the city of Jackson to find our when the projects would be complete. They agreed to talk with us, but never called back.

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