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Wynonna may have placed GPS on Ashley Judd's car


The Channel 4 I-Team has learned that the GPS found on Ashley Judd's Mini Cooper may have been placed there by her sister.

In the police narrative that the Channel 4 I-Team obtained in connection to the investigation, Ashley Judd was interviewed and said she believed Wynonna Judd put it there.

Why would she think Wynonna would do that?

The Channel 4 I-Team has confirmed with sources close to the investigation that it is because the car was being driven by Wynonna's daughter.

One person's name is redacted in the report, and it reads, that the person driving the vehicle told investigators "She (the driver) believes the device was placed there by Wynonna in order to track her and Ashley."

To put the investigation into perspective. What if this turns out to be internal family drama?

Police had to investigate this, after all Ashley Judd's a movie star.

What if someone was trying to track her?

The reality is putting a GPS device on someone's car without their permission is a Class C misdemeanor, the same as a speeding ticket.

If someone is charged in the case, it's a minor deal.

Wynonna Judd has not been charged in this case. She's not named as a suspect. Police had to put the case on "inactive status" because they ran into dead ends.

Wynonna's attorney said Friday that she had no comment.

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