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Water pressure frustrates Jackson residents

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Low water pressure is creating a huge problem for some Jackson residents who live on North State Street.This problem has been going on for more than nine months and they are fed up with getting the run around from the city.

"We haven't had rain in several, several days and this is non stop," said James Cagle, It's been doing this since February."

For more than nine months a steady stream of water has been flowing behind a home on North State Street.

"The leak at the street is located near this storm drain and is entering it underground," said Cagle.

The leak Cagle says is pouring into his neighbors back yard could be the same leak that is forcing many residents on North State Street to have extremely low water pressure inside their homes.

"We have no water at all. It's a trickle with both on and it's the same all over the house," says Cagle. "It's really bad when you're paying exorbitant prices and you can't take a decent shower and you can't wash your dishes in a normal amount of time. It's frustrating."

Cagle and several other neighbors say the problem continues to get worse. They repeatedly call the city for help, but have only run in to dead ends.

"It's just been kind of a we'll check into it kind of thing. They act like they've never heard anything about it before," said another neighbor.

"I have called numerous times. Every time you call you get a new person on the phone and you're transferred from one person to the other," said Cagle. "I spoke with one of the city engineers when I called the mayor's action line. I have not received a call back from him."

Cagle says the water pressure is frustrating, but it's even more frustrating that the city isn't doing anything about it.

"We were told it is not a priority because it hasn't affected the traffic on the street," said Cagle.

I did call the city of Jackson for comment, but my calls have not yet been returned.

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