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Public works director comments on sexual harassment allegations against him

Carl Frelix. Source: Hinds County Public Works Department Carl Frelix. Source: Hinds County Public Works Department
HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Two Hinds County employees are seeking legal action against the county's Public Works Director, Carl Frelix, claiming he sexually harassed them on the job.

A notice of claim was filed in Hinds County for the two women against Frelix. The notice outlines the sexual harassment allegations; where and when they say it happened.

Their attorney, Dale Danks, plans to file two separate lawsuits against Frelix, involving each of the women.

The women claim Frelix made sexual advances towards them, asked for sexual favors, exposed his private parts, touched one of the women inappropriately, and punished the employees for not having sex with them.

Danks said the sexual harassment happened both on the job and at other work related functions. In one case, the woman claims the sexual harassment has been going on for years and the county was aware of it, but just moved her to another department.

"This particular public works director apparently has a history with this type of activity and our investigation have revealed that some members of the board and some supervisors were aware of these improprieties and failed to take action that we deemed would be proper to eliminate the  of trauma that these ladies experienced," Danks explained.

Danks sent a letter to the Hinds County Board of Directors about the allegations against Frelix and has received no response. The notice of claims gives the county 90 days to respond before a formal lawsuit is filed.

The women's identities in this case are not being revealed as a confidentiality request from their attorney.

"They are very traumatized by it as well as their families as instated before these are two very professional individuals who were working for the county and want to do a good job for the county and their productivity obviously has to be jeopardized as a result of what they are experiencing as a result of sexual harassment by this particular individual," said Danks.

On Wednesday, Carl Frelix told WLBT, "I'm well aware of the allegations. This is a personnel matter and the complaint is being handled by Hinds County like we handle any other complaint. I can't comment any further."

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