Mega Millions fever draws thousands across river - - Jackson, MS

Mega Millions fever draws thousands across river

Across the country they lined up for a chance to becoming a millionaire...hundreds of times over.

In the metro thousands crossed into Delta Louisiana with dreams of winning the $636 million dollar Mega Millions Jackpot.

They came from all parts of Mississippi and the southeast to buy a ticket or tickets for a chance at becoming an instant multi-millionaire.

Andre Robinson of Yazoo City had to buy tickets for friends who found out he was making the trip.

"I usually come over every time the powerball gets around $300 million or so. everybody has dreams. I have one too, to help my family," said Robinson.

"I really came to play for someone else. I didn't buy any for me. They said they were gonna give me 10% if they win," said Webster Sias of Brookhaven who drove to Louisiana on his from home from the delta.

This close to Christmas lottery players have dreams of luxury items and a life of leisure dancing in their heads, but they also are in the giving spirit.

"I will help where I work at the Post Office and my family. I've got a lot of sisters that need help. One's got Parkinson's Disease and then I'd probably help with the church," said Brandon resident Charles Minshull.

"I dream about winning the lottery. That's enough money to take care of what I've got to do, buy a house, car and take care of my family," said Carolyn Robinson of Yazoo City.

Many people we spoke with wish they didn't have to make the trip across the river, but say why not take a chance.

"Just the luck of the draw I guess. Do what you've go to do. Everybody's willing to do something I guess. A couple of dollars won't hurt," said Jimmy Williams who took the drive from Philadelphia.

"That's a lot of money so you want to try to win. You can't win unless you're in, but we wouldn't have to drive all the way over here if he governor would give us a lottery over there," said Jackson resident Kenneth Fisher.

It's estimated that the chance of winning is one in 259 million.

Here are the winning Mega Millions lottery numbers.

8 -- 20 -- 14 - 17 -- 39...and the Mega Ball Number is ... seven.

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