BBB warning MS residents about "Deed Processing Notice" - - Jackson, MS

BBB warning MS residents about "Deed Processing Notice"

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Better Business Bureau Serving Mississippi is warning Mississippi residents concerning a "Deed Processing Notice" out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The name of the business is "Property Transfer Service," and it has caused concerns across
the state by contacting homeowners and soliciting a payment of $83 to obtain a copy of
property deeds.

The mailing implies that homeowners only have a short period of time to respond.

While the mailing does mention that you can get a copy of your deed from your county recorder, and that homeowners are not obligated to pay the fee, some consumers
have found the mailing confusing and have contacted the BBB office.

"I received this letter in the mail myself and had to read it twice" said John O'Hara CEO of
Better Business Bureau serving Mississippi. "We stress to consumers everyday to know what
you are signing up for". "Upon contacting the county clerk's office, we found the charge for
this service is 25 cents a page and most deeds are 2 to 5 pages long."

"Transactions like a transfer of home ownership are part of the public record and easily
available online," O'Hara adds. "As is the case for many records, there are businesses that
review those public lists and have come up with ways to market services that may be
impractical for most people. There's nothing necessarily illegal or wrong with what they're
doing, but consumers should have all the facts before making a decision to use these

Contact BBB serving Mississippi if you suspect fraud or for additional tips and alerts at
601-398-1700 or 800-987-8280. Also visit our website at for information.
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