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Don't fall for deed processing notice in the mail

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The deed processing notice encourages you to obtain a copy of the deed to your home. It even has a compliance response date. On the back, there's an explanation of terms, which makes the document look official.

John O'Hara with the Mississippi Better Business Bureau says his office has taken dozens of calls from dubious consumers who have received the mailing.

"Saying hey I missed the due date, what can they do to me? We tell them nothing, this isn't anything you have to have," O'Hara says.

A company called Property Transfer Services in South Dakota has mailed it out, and it's essentially an advertisement.

"It's a service that's asking you to pay $83 to get a copy of your deed. When I called the county court's office they said that's something that they provide for .25 a page, and it's usually between 2-5 pages," he tells us.

O'Hara made that call because he also received the notice, and examined it carefully to make sure it wasn't an end-of-year tax notice. He says that's probably why the company is mailing it out at this time of year.

What Property Transfer Services is doing is legal, but consumers need to be aware that it's a private company trying to make a profit. The Better Business Bureau says you really don't need a copy of your deed.

"$83 can buy a few gifts for people. So we're just telling people, maybe spend your money that way," he says.

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