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Abigail Bonner death case headed to Grand Jury

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

New information, Thursday, in the August death of Abigail Bonner.

Madison County DA Michael Guest confirms a Grand Jury will look at evidence in the teen's case.

That will happen in January.

On Monday, August 5, Lance and Rachel Bonner told our David Kenney that they awoke on the morning of Saturday, August 3, and couldn't find their 17-year-old daughter Abigail.

Lance Bonner said he found the front door unlocked, and then searched the neighborhood.

"All the adjoining neighborhoods, everywhere within several blocks, hoping maybe she just went out for a walk and we would find her that way. Did not locate her by that means," he said.

We asked her parents what they hoped would happen in the search. Lance said he hoped she would either be found alive or that she would communicate with them.

"Thirdly, that either somebody she's with or somebody she comes in contact with would lead her in the right way, and have her communicate back with us," he told Kenney.

The next day, Madison Police reclassified the missing persons case as a runaway case. Some thought she might have gone back to New York after visiting that state with a choir.

Then, 11 days after her disappearance, Bonner's body was found not far from her home, in the woods off Madison Avenue. Police said there were no obvious signs of foul play.

"There was no appearance or any indication of any traumatic injury to Miss Bonner," Madison Police Chief Gene Waldrup told us.

A memorial service was held for Bonner on August 23. 

"Talking with Lance and Rachel, they were clear that we needed to be honest about what has happened to Abigail. The death of their beloved daughter at her own hand, just 17 years old, is the worst example I can think of death's unwelcome intrusion," the pastor told those gathered.

But police never confirmed a suicide. They also never released the toxicology information.

And authorities remain mum now as the investigation wraps up, and the evidence heads to a Grand Jury.

No one was home at the Bonner house when we visited Thursday. 

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