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Who's watching your empty home? The police will... if you ask

CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you live in Clinton or Madison, you can add an extra level of security when you leave town for the holidays, just call the police.

Upon request, they will come by and check on your house.

"Officers will check doors, officers will check windows, make sure everything is secure," says Lieutenant Christopher Dill. "When our CAD system picks up that house to get checked throughout the day, the officer will know that vehicle belongs there or doesn't belong there."

Lieutenant Dill says about 30 households have signed up, but that number will increase over the next few days.

New this year in Clinton: residents can sign up online at www.clintonms.org.

The service has been provided for the last few years in Clinton.

In the city of Madison it has been available since 1992, and it's not something that's offered just around the holidays.

Any time during the year that a family goes out of town, they can call police and get the service.

"The officers will actually get out of the vehicles and check the exterior of the residence, including the back yard if they don't have any vicious animals or anything like that," says Captain Kevin Newman. "After we've conducted the checks and they return back to town, we'll actually mail them a copy of the form back that has the dates and times that the officer physically checked the residence."

Neither Clinton nor Madison Police have come across anything criminal during these checks.

"But we have found situations where a window may have been partially open or something may have happened due to the weather. That's why we ask them to give us a contact member of someone here locally, a family member or friend," Captain Newman says. 

Your local police department may offer a similar service. It's definitely worth giving them a call to find out.

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