Keep your Christmas goodies out of plain sight - - Jackson, MS

Keep your Christmas goodies out of plain sight

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As you're wrapping up your last minute Christmas shopping inside, thieves outside can easily go for an illegal shopping spree in your vehicle.

Within less than five minutes with Pearl Police Officer Josh Craig we spotted eye candy to a criminal inside of a car in a local parking lot.

"A lot of times they'll go to vehicles that aren't tinted something like that, boom you got your purse wide open," said Officer Craig as he inspected vehicles in the parking lot.

Not only was the purse open for everyone to see, but anyone could easily just snatch it away too.

"There's no telling what's in the purse," said Officer Craig. WLBT Report Jewell Hillery questioned whether or not the doors were unlocked.

Officer Craig went for the handle and the door was indeed unlocked.

Not far from that car we spotted another easy, but preventable target for a criminal. There was another unlocked vehicle.

"They're going to get in that car if it's unlocked...maybe just for a cell phone," said Officer Craig.

Officer Craig advises drivers to put valuables like laptops, gifts, cell phones and even chargers in your trunk or glove compartment. If a thief spots something small to steal like a charger, it could also lead to other valuables being taken.

"Say you got a gun in the glove box, easily accessible he'll look real quick if you got it there he takes it just because he saw a cell phone charger," said Officer Craig.

Shopper Heather Albritton's said she locks her car all the time, but she certainly had a valuable possession, a purse sitting on the passenger side floor.

Next time she'll place it in the trunk.

"I probably should have done that before I went in there, but I didn't you know, we don't think all the time," said Albritton.

In addition to keeping common sense tips in mind like making sure that your car door is not unlocked, Officer Craig said always make sure that you have your car keys handy so that you're not fumbling when you get to your car.  Also when you're shopping its always best to park in the front of the store where surveillance cameras are most likely visible.

"The farther back you're parked in the parking lot the harder it is for somebody to see something going on," said Officer Craig.

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