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Supervisor Stokes concerned about new jail administrator applicants' list

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Hinds County Supervisor said he wants more transparency in the process to hire a new jail administrator for the county.

Supervisor Kenneth Stokes said only one person's name was brought forward.

Stokes told 3 On Your Side last month he wanted the process for a new administrator to move quickly after a riot last year at the Hinds County Detention Facility.

But he says supervisors should be able to pick the best candidate, not necessarily the one hand-picked by the sheriff's department.

"You know, a simple letter could have said that this is the list of all the people who have applied, but we recommend this person," Stokes said.

"Seems like it's a more open process versus just saying, 'This is the person I want; we don't know if this is the best person or not.' It seems like you're forcing us to rubber stamp this person," Stokes added.

Stokes said the confirmation vote is expected Monday.


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