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Look Around: Brandon's Charlie Brown Tree

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Usually this time of year our Walt Grayson tries to find Christmas decorations for his stories, and most times they are big, bright and bold displays of lights.

This one in this story is at the other end of the spectrum.

Walt says he owes this story to his friend Debbie Blackledge who lives in Brandon and travels this road twice a day on her way to and from work.

Debbie called him and asked if he had seen the little tree in the sharp bend on Burnham Road across from Brandon Court. Walt had not.

She said it started its roadside life as a cast away that was either dumped or perhaps fell off the back of a landscape truck or something way back last summer. It was green when it fell but died over time.

A week or so ago something magical started happening to it.

Debbie's husband, Dennis, drew her attention to the metamorphosis when he asked her if she had seen where someone had put a red ornament on the tree.

She hadn't paid any attention to it. It was just a dead tree that had been on the side of the road so long you don't see it anymore.

Then the next day he pointed out that someone had placed a strand of silver garland around it, and by the next time he mentioned it the decorations were even growing more.

Debbie said she started making it a point to watch for the tree and was amazed and tickled by what anonymous little elves were adding to the rebirth; turning it from a dead shrub on the side of the road into an ad-hock community Christmas tree.

Not to be left out, a week and a half ago, Dennis and Debbie slipped out under the cover of darkness and placed a present under the tree.

Ribbons, ornaments, an American Flag, and even solar powered lights have now been added to the tree, and it's become a symbolic decoration put together by no one in particular for everyone to enjoy.

Walt sums it up like this: 

"It's the kind of spontaneous amalgamation that you can't plan but just has to happen.

The little tree so impressed Debbie that she's made it the subject of her blog on the web page of where she works, the Sunnybrook Children's Home.

In her blog Debbie goes to great length about the little serendipitous things we run across in life. Things we weren't looking for but touched us.

Like the unplanned Christmas tree that just happened because a bunch of people saw the fun of adding to it and adding to other people's amazement and joy that it was happening at all. 

It's the story of how the invisible spirit of Christmas transforms. It happened to Scrooge and the Grinch and Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.... and it is happening to the impromptu little tree on the side of the road in Brandon... and if we're good, maybe it will transform us a little before the season is over."

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