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Shoppers making holiday returns find big savings

Retailers prepared for a hectic day the day after Christmas, for returns and post-holiday deals. According to the data group Shoppertrak, December 26th is the fifth busiest shopping day of the year.

Many stores opened their doors early today to handle the crowds. Parking lots filled up early across the metro area.

A steady flow of traffic was seen through much of the day at Dogwood Festival Market in Flowood. People were seen carrying bags in and out of stores.  Most stores were offering deals and discounts over 50% off.

Shoppers we talked to say there were long lines at some of the registers, but the savings were well worth the wait.

"She just saved $150.00 on clothes. I saved $10.00 on cookware,"said Terry Whitehead. "If you can find them, (deals) you can get them. You just have to hunt."

"At Belk one item I got a whole set for less than $40, jacket and pants. I saved $20 or more, " said Wilma Green.

If you plan on bringing back items this year, the Better Business Bureau says it's a good idea to know the stores return policy before you leave home. Some retailers have limited the number of days you can bring back unwanted gifts.

Also, bring along your receipt, if you still have it, and keep items in their original packaging.

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