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Cups - Business Matters

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

For many, a cup of coffee provides fuel to get the day started. For others it's the centerpiece of a friendly conversation.

The flagship location of Cups Espresso Cafe has called Fondren home for two decades. It was opened by Janice Cameron and her husband Dennis in 1993.

While there are 11 Cups locations across the metro now, The Fondren location has a special place in their hearts.

"It was the first one, so it's like the baby and they are babies," said Janice Cameron.

You could say cups is all grown up now; its 20th birthday evident by the mugs and T-shirts marking the occasion.

Through the years, Cameron has been careful to maintain her cafes' identity.

"People just get comfortable and relax and just sort of enjoy each other and to me that's what cups is, said Cameron.

For Cameron, It's always been about coffee and people; not just the people drinking it but the people pouring it. Cameron looks at her baristas as coffee artists.

"Encourage," said Cameron. "To give me ideas and to use their own personal identity as part of the experience that people have here."

Creativity goes beyond the cafe. For instance, the manager at the Fondren location, Cody Cox, is a musician. Cameron encourages him to sell his work at his store.

Cameron says allowing her workers that freedom impacts customer service.

"To me that brings out the best in all of us," added Cameron. "And it really makes a difference in how we treat people."

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