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What protocol do security guards follow?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In the last month, we've had two shootings that involved security guards at public establishments.

In both incidents the guards fired shots. So we wanted to know if they followed state law responding to those scenes.

Currently there isn't any state law that specifies the responsibilities of a security guard.  

Senator Kenny Jones says it's up to the private contractor who hires those guards.  

However, he says that could be something lawmakers look into in the future, especially following those two incidents.

In the attached video you will see a shooting happened in Vicksburg earlier this month, where three people were shot inside the American Legion after a party there; one person died.

The guard involved in that shooting was arrested, but was later released without any charges.

Just three days ago at the MBar in Jackson, a security guard fired shots at a group of guys unwilling to leave the establishment; that guard was also not reprimanded.

Both instances have people wondering if security acted in protocol.  

"That provides a gray area that we might have to look at and see what's constituted in the law and by definition what are they suppose to be actually doing," said Senator Jones.

Senator Jones said there are a number of law enforcement officers who work security as a second job and lots of time if the security company doesn't specify protocol, they'll just follow the rules of the police department.
It's something lawmakers are definitely looking into to get more clarity.

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