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Water main break repaired at Melrose Place Apartments.

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Several residents who are living in the apartment complex Melrose Place in Jackson, have been without water for days, but we've just learned Monday afternoon, that the water have been restored thanks to our news coverage.

"I don't know who to call I got on Facebook I was like who to call my girlfriend was like I'm going to call the news, I said that works out just fine because they sure came out and now we got water so thank you WLBT," said Courtney Cuyjet who lives at the complex.

Cuyjet's girlfriend called 3 On Your Side to try to get some help, so our reporter, Annette Peagler went to the complex to see what the problem was and to talk to the residents affected directly.

The water problem appeared to be stemming from a water main break that lies right outside the complex's leasing office. The problem has caused water to be shut off for nearly a week.

"We've been out of water for this long and we haven't had a notification that the water was going to get turned off, they didn't notify us that it was not going to come back on and they still haven't said anything to us about it," said Brea Davis, who is one of the residents without water.

Some of the people living in the complex have been without water since Wednesday. As an alternative, they have been going to other buildings in the complex, filling up water and then taking it back to their building. Some of the families include small children and people who live there just would like some sort of explanation. However, they say they haven't had any luck from management.

"It makes me feel kind of disturbed because I got my child here and my fiancé and we have to leave home and go get water," said Johnny Dorsey, a resident in the complex.

"You can't wash your face, you can't bathe or nothing," said Adam Charles Moore who also lives in Melrose Place.

Monday afternoon, Peagler received a call from the Maintenance Manager stating that they had crews working on the issue all day and that the water have been restored.  Peagler spoke to residents on the phone and they say if it wasn't for our coverage they could still be without.

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