Suspect accused of killing Tupelo cop had criminal history - - Jackson, MS

Suspect accused of killing Tupelo cop had criminal history

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hiding behind the mask at bank robberies in Atlanta, Tupelo and Phoenix was 40-year-old Mario Edward Garnett. He's a man that had a history. It starts with his 2010 threat against President Obama on the White House website.

Psychiatrist Dr. Mark Valverde says that was the first of many red flags for Garnett.

"The sort of person that's going to make that kind of threat usually perceives themselves as being hunted or molested in some way by the government," said Dr. Valverde. "So they're not going to be likely to adhere to any rules that you give them."

That proved to be the case with Garnett. He was sentenced in June 2011 to eight months in prison and three years supervised released. He got out a month later because of time served.

"That rises to a level where someone needs to be followed very carefully," said Dr. Valverde.

The Oklahoma federal judge had a long list of conditions to go along with Garnett's supervised release. A month in, probation officers requested he get an ankle bracelet because he didn't cooperate.

"There's some evidence of thought disorder, meaning difficulty in thinking logically and correctly," added Valverde.

Court documents show the cycle continued when he told the probation officer he didn't care about reporting in or going to mental health counseling. He got sent back to prison for 12 months and was released Jul 19, 2013.

The multi-state crime spree leads Dr. Valverde to say Garnett's behavior lines up with that of a psychopath.

"No sense of right and wrong, no sense of morality and his needs supercede everybody else's," explained Valverde.

He says there's still one unusual pattern.

"Usually people who make threats like that are more disorganized and have difficulty pulling off something as complex as a bank robbery," added Valverde.

The judge specified that Garnett should be in the care of a facility that could handle his mental health during his 2 year sentence. The court did not require him additional supervised release after his July release.

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