More problems reported at Melrose Place Apartments - - Jackson, MS

More problems reported at Melrose Place Apartments

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Right after our news report of several people being without water for five days at the Melrose Place Apartment Complex, a mother of five came forward with some other disturbing accusations.

The woman who didn't want to be identified says not only had she been living without water, but she also has been without electricity, have mold throughout her complex, and a hole in the wall where rats come in and out.

"Me and my kids when we woke up it's freezing cold, they couldn't eat, they couldn't do nothing couldn't take a bath we couldn't do nothing," she explained to our reporter, Annette Peagler. "I can't even imagine anybody going without electricity that long especially if it's not your fault now I can see if you didn't pay your bill or something like that of course it's your fault but that wasn't my case."

She didn't want to be identified for the safety of her kids, but submitted the attached photos to our newsroom.

"I've been complaining about a hole in my wall, it rains in my house," she said.

The woman turned to 3 On Your Side for help. She's switched apartments within the complex three times since the two months she's lived there.

"It's too much, the mildew, my baby was sick, and I'm constantly, constantly, constantly telling them please help me fix this, do this, do that, nothing never get done," she explained.

Peagler reached out to the leasing office, but her calls have not been returned.

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