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Prison riot sparked by gang warfare

LEAKE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Gang warfare inside a Mississippi prison sent eight people to the hospital. We know a riot did break out at Walnut Grove Correctional Facility, but after speaking with officials at University of Mississippi Medical Center and prison employees, we learned there's more to this riot than what is officially being released.

"The inmates have what we call shanks, homemade knives, and they use them," said an employee at the Walnut Grove who ask to remain anonymous. "They don't stick to stick, they sticking to kill."

A viewer sent video of the chaos outside Walnut Grove Correctional Facility just minutes after the riot began. The anonymous employee says multiple inmates were severely injured, including 20-year-old Kendrick Flowers.

"And a helicopter had to come to the prison and transport some inmates off by helicopter and also we had some transport vans," said the employee. "They had to use all seven of the transport vehicles to transport inmates to the local hospital."

According to a spokesperson at University of Mississippi Medical Center, eight inmates were received, two of whom came in by AirCare. Four of the inmates were released back to prison.

Management and Training Corporation operates Walnut Grove. The company is not releasing much information, but in a statement did confirm the fight was gang related.

"We have a major gang problem and most of those guys who are affiliated, they know each other from the street," said the employee. "Once they get arrested, they see each other in prison and causing problems again."

This employee says the riot was between two rival gangs at Walnut Grove, Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords. The prison remains on lock down.

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