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ACC Player Power Poll: Give me a break

Freshman guard Ben Emelogu (15) has been playing well for the Virginia Tech Hokies. (Source: Freshman guard Ben Emelogu (15) has been playing well for the Virginia Tech Hokies. (Source:
Trevor Cooney (10) is one of many reasons the Syracuse Orange is a perfect 13-0. (Source: Syracuse University Athletic Communications) Trevor Cooney (10) is one of many reasons the Syracuse Orange is a perfect 13-0. (Source: Syracuse University Athletic Communications)

(RNN) - The New Year's Eve is more of a figurative endin'. PPP is concerned with literal ones - like the loss of 1984's most magnum of opuses from our video streamin' service.

Netflix dropped a slew of fine films Wednesday, among them Platoon, Titanic, True Grit and, most important, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

For the few that haven't seen it (and if one finds themselves as one of those few, one should be ashamed of oneself) it's the continuin' tale of rich girl Kelly and her pals Ozone and Turbo. This time, they're poppin' and lockin' with a purpose: to save the Miracles Community Center.

Editor's note: The PPPollsters' taste in movies is skewed by bein' … err, being children of the '80s.

Ok, so it's not high art. It has to be the best sequel name ever, though. It's so good, it improves any film title with a "2" suffix.

Shrek 2: Electric Boogaloo. The Godfather Part II: Electric Boogaloo. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan's Electric Boogaloo.

Who doesn't want to see those? And B2:EB taught us things, like:

  • Breakin' can stop bulldozers. And bring people back from the dead.
  • A sleeveless leather biker's jacket, unzipped, with no shirt underneath is proper dinner attire.
  • Every crew should have a mime.
  • If someone offers to pay for a full ride to Princeton, turn it down. Get a dream job offer in Paris? Turn that down, too. It will work out OK.
  • Two words: Dance combat.

What does this have to do with anythin'? Not much, really.

But if it makes people feel better, here's a broad theme to vaguely connect this to ACC hoops: Much like Breakin' 2, the non-conference schedule is gone. Also like the movie, it had some moments that were plain bad - BC's nine losses, UNC's free throws, Pitt's laughable schedule.

But we'll miss both because they taught us things and mad skills and nostalgia or somethin'.

PPP is lookin' forward to conference play startin' Saturday, when every game will have two teams worth watchin'. We're sure we'll find somethin' better to check out on Netflix as well … when we're not checkin' out the quality programmin' on (insert this TV station's name here), of course.

Hey, new Dexter.

Player Power Poll: Dec. 27 - Jan. 1

1. Tyler Ennis, Syracuse Orange

20 points, four rebounds, two assists, zero turnovers Saturday vs. No. 8 Villanova (W 78-62)

Tyler didn't have as much fanfare coming in as Duke's Jabari Parker and some other first-year guys, but his play has been as impressive as any of them.

Putting the ball in his hands is as good as putting it under lock and key. His meager 1.2 turnovers a game would be amazing for any point guard. It's unheard of for a freshman.

He doesn't have elite speed, but he cut through the Villanova defense with a surgeon's precision all night. Even his misses were productive; the defense collapsed around him leaving his teammates open for tip-ins and dunks.

2: Electric Boogaloo. Trevor Cooney, Syracuse Orange

21 points, five 3-pointers, three steals Saturday vs. No. 8 Villanova (W 78-62)

Like Ennis and the guy we'll talk about next, Cooney fills a need on his team and doesn't try to do too much. He relishes his role as a 3-point specialist, running around the baseline looking for screens so he can get open.

His release is as fast as anyone's, and he can fire with the smallest of windows left open by defenders.

3. Baye Moussa Keita, Syracuse Orange

Two points, four rebounds, two assists, two blocks Saturday vs. No. 8 Villanova (W 78-62)

This week's rankings have more Orange on them than a Minute Maid ad starring John Boehner. That's because the 'Cuse knocked off a top-10 team, and no other ACC squad beat anyone worth mentioning.

BMK finds his way here by being a defender who clogs the lane, always blocks out for rebounds and blocks or alters any shot that comes his way.

4. Dez Wells, Maryland Terrapins

18 points, 10 rebounds, two blocks Sunday vs. Tulsa (W 85-74)

There's the Dez we expected this season. Injuries for the Terps forced him to play some point guard, and he was trying to get others involved rather than looking for his shots early in games.

With Seth Allen returning and Roddy Peters developing, the junior can get back to doing what he does best - overpowering teams with his strength on the dribble drive.

5. Eric Atkins, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

30 points, seven assists, six 3-pointers, two steals Sunday vs. Canisius (W 87-81)

An academic matter caused leading scorer Jerian Grant to leave school, and the Irish weren't playing that well when he was there. Atkins falls into the role of Alpha Dog now, and he's going to need more performances like this to keep his team's season from becoming a complete debacle.

6. Jordan Roper, Clemson Tigers

19 points, eight rebounds, two assists Monday vs. VMI (W 80-50)

The Keydets may not be a signature win, but the Tigers did hold a team averaging nearly 90 points a game to only 50. Jordan stepped up on offense when leading scorer K.J. McDaniels sat with foul trouble.

He may keep seeing an increase in minutes and shots with fellow guard Devin Coleman announcing his transfer last week.

7. Trae Golden, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

24 points, four 3-pointers, two rebounds, one assist Sunday vs. Charlotte (W 58-55)

Knock down a game-winning 3, make the list. We hope to see a little more ball distribution from the senior guard, but if he's hitting his shot it's hard to argue about it.

8. Donnavan Kirk, Miami Hurricanes

12 points, nine rebounds (five offensive) Monday vs. Loyola, MD (W 71-48).

Donnavan didn't get to swat any shots last game - he only played 17 minutes - but he's been plenty obnoxious to opponents in the paint, averaging more than two blocks per night.

9. Ben Emelogu, Virginia Tech Hokies

Two points, nine assists, three rebounds Tuesday vs. Maryland-Eastern Shore (W 82-66)

We've enjoyed watching young, talented guys like Emelogu and Devin Wilson play hard for the Hokies, and senior Jarell Eddie has rediscovered his jump shot. Expect the boys from Blacksburg to upset at least one middle-of-the-pack ACC squad this season.

Ben gets the nod here because he found a way to help the team when his shot wouldn't fall, finishing with a season-best in assists.

10. Jabari Parker, Duke Blue Devils

23 points, eight rebounds, two blocks Saturday vs. Eastern Michigan (W 82-59)

He's managin' to stay productive while gettin' used to playin' with his teammates. Jabari is probably NBA bound, but he could end up breakin' more records than Ice-T by stickin' at Duke for four years.

Man, Ice-T looks 14 in that movie. We feel old.

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