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Chrys Peterson leaving WTOL 11 to spend more time with family

Long-time anchor Chrys Peterson announces she's leaving the anchor desk. Long-time anchor Chrys Peterson announces she's leaving the anchor desk.
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Editor's note: This tribute was written by Chrys' long-time friend, colleague, and partner on the anchor desk, Jerry Anderson.

Chrys Peterson calls me her "TV husband".  We laugh at that as do our real spouses, Tom and Teri.  But we all know what Chrys means --- that for the vast majority of work weeks over the past many years, Chrys and I have spent more of our waking hours together than we have with the beautiful people we married.  Well, that is about to change.

Sadly, it falls to me to tell you that Chrys has decided to leave WTOL-11.  It is a decision that takes guts, faith and a mother's love.  Chrys has all of the above in massive amounts. You see, Chrys and Tom knew way back when they said "I Do" at the Toledo Museum of Art that Tom's career in professional baseball coaching would force them to live apart for nearly 8 months of the year.  Their profound love for each other has ensured that that arrangement has worked amazingly well.  Along the way, God gave them Riley. 

Riley Runnells is tall, pretty (no surprise there), poised beyond her years and exceedingly talented.  The apple didn't fall far from the tree.  And Riley is also about to enter high school.  As parents, we know the clock is ticking.  Chrys is especially feeling that right now. Riley sings, acts, plays sports and excels in the classroom.  Chrys needs to be there for that, and now she will be.

For nearly 20 years, Chrys has gone anywhere and done anything for a great story or a good cause.  Now she is doing something for the best cause of all --- family. What Chrys may do professionally is not known (Note:  Employers, I'd be lining up NOW!).  I'm sure a very nice and talented person will eventually take Chrys's position, but they'll never take her place. How could they?   Chrys is the epitome of professional journalism who also just happens to be a warm, caring, generous-to-a-fault person.  She's funny, she certainly can be tough and she's everybody's mom in our newsroom.   There is no doubt that Chrys's involvement in our community over the past two decades has changed lives for the better and, yes, even saved lives.  How do you top that?

Chrys is telling her TV family about her decision this week.  Her TV family will be profoundly saddened.  Her real family should be ecstatic.  

Chrys will still be with us for several weeks. She promises to stay engaged in our station's community efforts.  I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up on our air to tell a compelling story from time to time.  I hope so.  But for now,  I hope that you will join me in enjoying Chrys for the time we have left together.  During that time, I would love it if you reached out to Chrys to tell her what she means to you --- that you appreciate her, support her and love her.  And by the way, "TV wife",  let me just say "I Do", too.  


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