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New Year's Eve gunfire: What happens when the bullets come down?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Occasionally you hear about fires breaking out on New Year's Eve from fireworks! But rarely do you hear about gunfire erupting. What started as a very loud noise around 10 p.m. turned into  something potentially lethal. This happened in the Bel Air subdivision of Jackson.

Vickie King and her mother worried it could have been a bottle rocket.

"We hear something hit the house it was hard and it was loud," said King.

The former newspaper photographer said a round from a high powered rifle penetrated the roof on Queensroad Avenue. She picked up a bullet and said,

"This fell out of the pillow," said King, showing us the bullet. "(It) Fell out of a pillow where a few nights ago my nephew was laying when my sister, her husband and boy's came through to visit. That is frightening."

It's a fear that leaves this family worried about more on the same in the future.

"It's daunting how frightening it is," said King. "It's nameless, and faceless. It comes out of nowhere. Where are you going to hide. I don't have a basement."

The velocity was so powerful it went straight through the plaster ceiling and was buried in the pillow. King is stunned calling it a random, dangerous act.

"This is a celebration?" asked King. "This is ignorant. This is senseless. You have to know when you shoot this in the air, it has to come down." 

King says she is grateful no one was injured.

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