Salvation Army Provides Hot Meals to Homeless - - Jackson, MS

Salvation Army Provides Hot Meals to Homeless

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Capitol City will soon be in a deep freeze. Record freezing temperatures are expected to hit our area.

Sunday night, the Salvation Army traveled through Jackson to provide hot meals to those who are homeless during their canteen run. Whenever temperatures hit below 25 degrees, Salvation Army officials take to the streets to help those staying out in the cold.

"We come in the downtown Jackson area primarily and where there's a lot of them that sleep under bridges under houses and crack houses, we come to the opportunity center, point dexter park in downtown and smith park," said Captain Ken Chapman, from the Salvation Army.

Many people lined up Sunday night just to get the hot meal, the Salvation Army says on a cold night it serves about 100 people.

"If we're here to give them a little bit of food a little bit of hot coffee, some gloves or whatever this would keep them from freezing to death we don't want to be reading on the news or seeing on your television station that people have frozen to death out here in Jackson," said Captain Chapman.

The organization is already dealing with limited items after a massive fire ripped through their thrift shop, but organizers aren't letting that keep them from helping those who need it.

"Other than maybe not enough blankets or coats to hand out that we've had in the past we have plenty of food plenty of coffee and things to make sure people are kept from these dangerous elements," said Captain Chapman.

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