The last hooray for Christmas on Ice - - Jackson, MS

The last hooray for Christmas on Ice

MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Christmas on Ice wrapped up its second season in Madison Sunday.

The expanded ice skating rink attracted thousands since opening.

And many took to the ice with dreams of some day being in the Winter Olympics.

From couples holding hands taking a turn around the rink to kids lacing up for the first time.

Christmas on Ice saw its share of skaters this holiday season.

The second year at Baptist Health Systems brought an expansion of twice its size to a 14,400 square foot rink.

Sunday was the last day to take in all the winter wonder.

"I came out here this last day to have fun and just hang out," said 13 year old Erica Hooks.

"Because of the ice slide and it's just fun to hang out with friends and come ice skate with each other...This is my third time coming out," said Madison resident Isabelle Anderson.

"It's fun to skate and I like skating. This is my second time because I came for a birthday party," said nine year old Logan Tyner.

Cindy Savage of Franklin county drove an hour and a half to bring her daughter and friends to the final day.

"This is well worth the drive and I love their hot chocolate. It's the best. We came last year and we enjoyed it and I didn't want to miss it soIi brought her up here today," said Savage.

Some were here for the first time and others hope to develop skills and will be watching the Winter Olympics .

"People say that ice skating is just like skating. I fell a couple of times, but I like the figure skaters on TV, and I want to learn how to figure skate," said Madyson Lewis of Jackson.

People from across the state came to Madison to share in the holiday magic which started November 16th.

Despite the rain the show went on bringing delight and memories skaters won't soon forget.

"I get to come here with my friends and skate around.. It's fun and nobody's here so you get the whole rink to yourself," added Madison resident Hayden Tyner who is looking forward to next year's return.

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