This cold weather is dangerous - - Jackson, MS

This cold weather is dangerous

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The deep freeze that's consumed much of the nation can mean deep trouble for people who aren't dressed properly or exert themselves too much in cold weather.

Experts say it's extreme cold that can lead to a lot of hurt starting with frost bite, which can occur in less than ten minutes, depending on wind chill factors.

Dr. Stephen Meldon is a physician in the Cleveland Clinic Emergency Department. "You feel cold in the extremity, and then it gets numb, and it can actually get wooden and very stiff."

Getting inside and warming the area with warm water, not hot, can help.

Some people with vascular disease or poor circulation may be prone to heart attacks after exerting energy in extreme cold weather. "People don't realize how hard they're working when it's cold. They don't realize how hard they're exerting themselves," Dr. Meldon said.

Breathing in dry, cold air can worsen asthma symptoms and trigger attacks. Experts recommend people with asthma place a scarf over their mouth and nose to help moisturize the air they breathe.

And don't stop the bundling there. Multiple layers of protection can help keep people safe until we emerge from the deep freeze.

Some prescription medications might increase the risk for hypothermia in older adults. Experts recommend checking with your doctor or pharmacist to be safe.

CDC Extreme Cold Guide link

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