Preventing Injury During this 24 Hour Deep Freeze - - Jackson, MS

Preventing Injury During this 24 Hour Deep Freeze

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The next 24 hours in the Capitol City will be a chilly one. Temperatures will hit the teens for the first time this winter.

"Well a couple of years ago we had a severe weather event that affected our infrastructure and there have been some things that we've done, enhancements that's done that we'll have more isolated rather than a broader impact," said Warren Miller, Jackson's Emergency Management Coordinator.

Several shelters like the Opportunity Center, Gateway Men's Shelter and Billy Bromfield are expecting large crowds Monday night through Tuesday morning.

The shelters could be saving some people's lives. This type of weather can be detrimental to your body. At UMMC, doctors treat people during this type of weather for hypothermia and frostbite.

"Mostly what we see is hypothermia or just low body temperature that can be pretty severe sometimes we'll see minor frostbite which is when the tissues of the distal part of the extremities so the fingers and toes or the tip of the nose freeze," said Dr. Allen Jones, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at UMMC.  

Best thing to do is to layer up, cover your head, that's the first part of the body that loses heat, avoid exercising in the cold, stay indoors and refrain from going out unless you have to.

"Drinking warm liquids is good, if you're fingers are hurting you can run them under some warm, avoid hot but a little bit of warmer water, get into a warm bath," said Dr. Jones.

If you experience a weather related issue to your home, power outage, lost of heat and you live in Jackson, call their 311 hotline.

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