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Fleet Feet - Business Matters

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The annual Mississippi Blues Marathon is this weekend and that means the pace is picking up at athletic stores across the Metro. Fleet Feet in Ridgeland is certainly in that mix and they are helping runners get ready for their 26 or 13 mile journeys on Saturday.

Fleet Feet owner Lesley Holleman said the excitement is growing in the Mississippi running community that they cater to.

"It's just the excitement around the whole thing brings a whole new dynamic to the stores and the community," Holleman said.

Holleman says their business is not just about helping folks find the right shoes or a comfortable shirt, which is why they even offer a training program for competitors.

"We have probably 150 people doing the half or full marathon, so they're all excited," Holleman said.

She got into this business in 2003 to get people excited about fitness and to reach their fitness goals.  She said they tale pride in being a business that inspires people to get in shape and their location on Highway 51 helps them fulfill that role in the community.

"We have close to 15 miles now of multi-use trail that the city has put in and it's right here," Holleman said. "We're right in the middle of it. We can have runs from the store. Great place to have our training programs."

Holleman never envisioned owning Fleet Feet when she started 11 years ago, but after the store's initial owner left in 2006 a group of investors took over.  In 2011, things fell in place and Holleman bought the store.

She now oversees the running store and its 10 full-time employees with assistance from Fleet Feet corporate.  She also sought help from her husband.

Shortly after getting married to Lesley, Matthew Holleman left his job in machinery sales at Puckett Machinery to help run things at Fleet Feet.

"We have a certain set of skills that seem to complement each other," Matthew Holleman said. "She's a lot better at apparel and being on the floor.  I enjoy keeping up with the money and employees."

The Holleman's are now learning that running a business is a lot like marathon, and they are helping each other keep pace.

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