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Submachine gun stolen from police officer

MP5 Submachine gun. Source: Wikipedia MP5 Submachine gun. Source: Wikipedia
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson Police are concerned about an automatic submachine gun, stolen from a police officer, that may be in the hands of criminals.

"We did have a police officer to have an auto burglary," said JPD Assistant Chief Lee Vance. "And an assault rifle was taken, an MP5 Submachine gun stolen from his house."

The thief or thieves stole the weapon out of an unmarked JPD SUV Tuesday night in front of the SWAT Officer's home. The weapon was locked in a case that also included a magazine. The thief or thieves smashed the SUV window to get it.

 Assistant Chief Vance stresses that whoever has it needs to turn it in because you could be facing some serious charges.

"There are some very severe federal charges that go along with the theft of that type of weapon so I would advise them to try to return that weapon in whatever matter they can come up with," Assistant Chief Vance explained.

The MP5 Submachine gun is 9mm, fully automatic and will take 15-round and 30 round magazines.

It's illegal to have it if you're not a member of law enforcement or the military. People who live in Jackson are scared this type of weapon is in the hands of the wrong person.

"It's terrifying to know that people do enough damage with basic handguns so you can imagine what a criminal will do with that type of weapon," said Marquita Brown who lives in North Carolina.

Anyone with information on the gun's whereabouts is asked to call the Jackson Police Department or Crimestoppers at 355-TIPS.

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