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3 busted throwing contraband over jail fence

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Hinds County Sheriff's Department has identified three men arrested for throwing drugs and other contraband over the fence of the Raymond Jail.

Tom Maise, Doran Smith, and Eddie Cooper are all charged with possession of firearms, introducing contraband into the jail, and felony fleeing. 

The three fled after being discovered by a security guard at the jail, tossing two duffel bags inside a fenced area. 

Hinds County Sheriff's Department Spokesman Othor Cain says,

"Were still trying to determine who the stuff was intended for," said Hinds County Sheriff's Department spokesman Othor Cain. "Here's what we found inside the duffel bags; we found tobacco products, cell phones and marijuana."

The three fled in a Chevy Blazer, which they wrecked on Maddox road. Investigators say the driver and passengers were not wearing safety belts and were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Officers say they found three guns in the vehicle, one of which came back stolen.

Contraband is a never ending problem for prisons trying to keep it out. The Central Mississippi Correctional Facility has gone as far as to install a 40 foot high net, to keep items from being tossed over their fence.

In Raymond officials aren't sure who the items were intended for. They say prisoners don't have access to the area, where the duffel bags landed.

"We've dealt with this before and that's one of the reasons we've tightened up our security checklist, in terms of ensuring were making constant regular checks around the perimeter," said Cain.

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