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Accused moonshine maker bonds out

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Alcohol Beverage Control agents busted 38 year old Carey Klotz for making moonshine out of his Brandon home. A day later, Klotz is out of jail on bond.

 "He was capable of producing probably 10 gallons of whisky a week," said Alcohol Beverage Control Chief Deputy Rusty Hanna. "They had a 55 gallon drum of mash, a 15 gallon cooker with a copper coil, condenser and several quarts of finished product."

If mixed correctly corn, sugar and water can create gallons of illegal whisky and moonshine. Hanna says under Mississippi law, possession of an illegal distillery is a felony while possession of illegal whisky is a misdemeanor.

"People don't think about it continuing this day and time, but it does," said Hanna. "Some of it on a fairly large scale. Moonshine is not sanitary in most places where it is manufactured. And also, it's significant tax fraud."

Hanna says the excise taxes alone can be about 18 dollars per gallon.

"The law was passed last year to let people to manufacture beer in their homes, up to 200 gallons per house if there are two people or more living in the house that's 21," added Hanna.

You can also manufacture wine for personal consumption in your own home. However, it is against the law to sell the home made beer or wine for profit.

In this case, it appeared Klotz was just making moonshine which Hanna says is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous.

"Well, anytime you are cooking and you are using propane and you are in closed or in tight quarters you always risk the dangers of an explosion," said Hanna.

Along with the mash, 15 mason jars of moonshine, 23 bottles of whisky, propane tanks, and copper coils were confiscated during the bust.

If you have information about illegal moonshine or distilleries you can call ABC at 601-856-1320.

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