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Walt's Look Around: Ice Pictures

We have had colder weather and we have had more ice in the past. But although the lakes and most of the ponds were still too warm to freeze this go ‘round, it got plenty cold enough for most of us.

And because of Facebook and the like, I can still show a bunch of ice on TV and not have to go get out in it myself.

Kristy Clark sent us this shot of Wright's Mill in Madison. This is literally what it looks like when the machinery is frozen up.

And although one of the treats of eating home-grown Mississippi catfish is it is never frozen, King Cat at the Catfish Museum in Belzoni, got a little frosty. Thanks to Steve Anderson for this shot.

Jennifer Fiorilli was taken with the frozen fountain in a yard on Jackson Street in Ridgeland. As was Christy Morse with the same treatment the icy blast gave the town fountain in Hazlehurst.

Joan Sanders shows you how they get ice water in Vicksburg. And my friend Sal Durkin forwarded these shots Ben Hillyer snapped of the fountain in the park behind St. Mary's Basilica in Natchez. Winter hits. Water stops in its tracks.

However, I'm not totally a fireplace potato in the cold weather. I did manage to get some ice that coated the trees before they shut off the fountains in front of Thalia Mara Hall in Jackson.

This reminded me of what the whole north half of the state looked like back in 1994 in the ice storm. Whole towns went weeks without electricity. But the ice sure was pretty. And anywhere water got out of bounds it was likely to stay there.

This poor tree my daughter told me about is pretty well anchored in place for the duration of the cold at the boat ramp at the southeast corner of the reservoir. And any water that splashed on the underside of the pier is still there.

The horse that is a part of the elaborate fountain at the Renaissance, in Ridgeland, became a unicorn for a while due to the ice. And this yard fountain in Mill Creek shows that the owners know you have to keep the water flowing to keep the pipes from freezing. Because ice on the outside of the fountain is a treat. Ice inside the pipes is a pain.

But on my way in to edit up all of these ice pictures this caught my eye in our flower bed. Those little green shoots sprouting up? No matter what else winter gives us, in six weeks, these will be daffodils.

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