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Rising temperatures cause water problems

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With 60 hours of temperatures below freezing in central Mississippi, according to the National Weather Service, there is more work than plumbers can do.

When the water in pipes froze, it expanded, causing unprotected pipes to break. Now that warmer temperatures have come the water is flowing again.

We followed plumber Carl McLemore, of Buford Plumbing in Jackson, to a call at Poets on Lakeland Drive.

"We have got three breaks, just in this one room," said McLemore. "The water expanded and busted these copper pipes. Now that it is thawed out, this is what we have."

We also went to the inner city of Jackson, on Corinth Street north of Lynch Street, where the old pipes were no match for the 60 hours of below freezing temperatures.

Here we found 14 year veteran Anthony Williams of Roto Rooter.

"When it gets so cold the water freezes, (it) just expands, and breaks the pipe," said Williams. "Usually it will be froze about two or three days, and then the water starts leaking out."

Water mains were breaking all over Jackson, like on Ellis Avenue, just south of Capitol Street, near the zoo.

Plumbers we talked to said there is just more work than they can do right now, but they are trying hard.

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