Store owners: family members responsible for break-in - - Jackson, MS

Store owners: family members responsible for break-in

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

For Hellene and W.C. Bulley, it's bad enough that the Mom & Pop store they've owned since 1988 has been vandalized again, but to add insult to injury, they believe those responsible are family members.

"It's getting worse," Hellene says.

"We shared our love for them, our money. They're gonna just take it away," says W.C.

Burglars ripped a hole in the side of their store, climbed through, smashed a jukebox and stole hundreds of dollars out of it, and vandalized the place.

"They took a lot of stuff out of the coolers and threw it on the floor," W.C. says.

Friends are helping the Bulleys pick up the pieces, and Madison County Deputies have already found some of the stolen food, shoved in backpacks and trash cans, sitting behind three nearby houses. Hundreds of dollars worth of stolen DJ equipment has not yet been found.

"I really need that DJ equipment. He just bought that. It's brand new," Hellene tells us.

This is not an isolated incident. Hellene's sister, who lives close by, has also been a burglary victim.

"I can't hardly work at night because when I get home they done broke in," says Addie Meeks.

One juvenile was arrested for the crime Thursday morning, and more arrests are coming.

Meanwhile, the Bulleys, who do not have insurance on the building, wonder if it's time to close up shop.

"The devil just stays busy," W.C. says. 

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