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Can "fighting dogs" be rehabbed?

Arrested in Saturday night's bust Arrested in Saturday night's bust
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It seems that dog fighting is still a problem in the state of Mississippi.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey says Saturday night's dog fighting bust in Rankin County was the largest dog fighting ring he's ever seen in the county.

When these type of scenes arise, many dog lovers become upset about the depiction of Pit Bulls. Others wonder if these dogs can ever be rehabilitated.

Debra Boswell, Executive Director of Mississippi Animal Rescue League, doesn't believe they can.

She says pit bulls are one of the most abused breeds because they have dog fighting blood lines.

"Would you ever trust one of these dogs alone with your child or one of your grand child, or your little puppy at home they come from a fight ring my answer has to be no," Boswell explained.

Boswell says 60 percent of fatalities in dog attacks are caused by pit bulls. She believes it's difficult to change a fighting mentality many of these dogs are trained to have.

Her agency doesn't take the risk.

"We see that happen over and over we have dozens of dogs brought over each year by people that have loved them, that's raised them in the house and now something has happened and their behavior has gone haywire," said Boswell. "I feel we feel that they're genetically predisposed when they come from a fight ring that's what they're bred for."

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