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I-55's westbound Lakeland Drive exit will be eliminated

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The exit from I-55 Northbound to westbound Lakeland Drive will soon be shut down permanently. The exit allows traffic to turn right off of I-55 northbound and curve around up onto Lakeland drive to go to St. Dominic Hospital or other points west on Lakeland. 

Nearly 2,000 motorists a day use the exit, according to Mississippi Department of Transportation figures.

"The number one priority of the highway system is to get you there safely," said Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. "Not to get you from point A to point B and get you there quickly. And this is one of those things we are doing for safety. It's a bad situation and anybody who has used it knows what a problem it is to merge"

The exit being eliminated is the least used exit at the I-55 Lakeland Drive interchange.

To compensate for the closing, MDOT will be adding a third left turn lane on exit 98B. The third lane will be complete before the loop is closed.

The project is expected to be proposed this month, with a tentative completion date of November 2014. The estimated cost is $1.6-million.

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