Gas Station Owner Speaks After Robbery, Fire - - Jackson, MS

Gas Station Owner Speaks After Robbery, Fire

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson Police and Fire are investigating a robbery that eventually ended in a large fire, completely destroying a local convenient store.

Tuesday afternoon, the owner of the Liberty Gas Station, Bob Singh, talked about the incident.

Jackson Police and Fire responded to the gas station around 10:30 p.m. Monday night. Investigators say a black male entered the store with two firearms and demanded cash from the store's clerk

"He tell him don't shoot me take the money and go away but he looking for more money, open the safe but he don't have any key to open the safe and the guy shoot, three four times on the ground," said Singh.

Singh said one shot may have hit some lighter fluid which may have sparked the blaze, but Chief Fire Investigator, Greg Travis says the cause is still undetermined.

"We do know that there was a heater behind the cashier box hit," said Chief Fire Investigator Greg Travis. "Again we are looking at all of that to determine if the heater constituted the fire."

The store clerk, Gurvir Singh, suffered burns to his legs, arms and face. He's recovering at CMMC and is expected to be okay.

Bob Singh said in the 3 years he's owned this store he's had minor robberies but nothing to this extent.

Investigators recovered the cash register several feet away from the crime scene and when our news crews went out Tuesday morning, burnt clothing was found.

"Never, this is a pretty good neighborhood," said Singh. "We have insurance. It covers everything so why he tried to kill the clerk you know?"

Singh surveyed the damage of his store Tuesday afternoon. He plans to rebuild his business within the next month.

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