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Jackson Paper Company - Business Matters

For nearly 100 years many hospitals, businesses and churches in Mississippi have depended on a metro company to get them everything from print paper to toilet paper. Jackson Paper Company opened in 1921 and 93 years later they employ at least 250 at five locations in Mississippi and Alabama.

To the layperson it would be hard to imagine keeping track of approximately thousands of different products, but that is exactly what operations manager Ritchie Morton does everyday.

"We have 180,000 square feet, with approximately 6,000 items," Morton describing their Flowood warehouse.

Fine printing paper, janitorial supplies and packaging products are just a small sampling of what Jackson Paper carries.

Looking back on their growth and history CEO Bill Allen talked about the pride he has in the company he has been with since 1982.

"It's always good to walk into a customer and be able to tell them that you are a Mississippi company, and that not only are you a Mississippi company, but you are owned by the people that work there," Allen said.

Known as Jackson Paper in the metro, the company goes by Newell Paper Company at their locations in Meridian, Columbus and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as-well-as Demopolis, Alabama.  

Different name, but service is the same, and with bulk toilet paper or Styrofoam cups on-hand Allen said they are ready for anybody.

"Everybody's our customer," Allen said. "We have an opportunity to sell anybody anything."

One of those products is Styrofoam cups. As Jackson Paper vice president of sales Dixon Thornton tells it, they made history with the foam cup.

"Jackson Paper sold the first Styrofoam cup ever manufactured," Thornton said.

Like a trophy, the 1960 invoice with DART hangs in the lobby of Jackson Paper.

"Think about Styrofoam cups and what they are in our market now, that's a big item," Thornton said. 

The Better Business Bureau of Mississippi rates Jackson Paper Company as an A+ company. They are one of a few metro companies that have been accredited by the BBB for 50 years.

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