Two daycare break-ins overnight Tuesday - - Jackson, MS

Two daycare break-ins overnight Tuesday

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Samika Wells almost came face-to-face with burglars at her business late Tuesday night.

"I was scared. My hands were shaking so bad. I couldn't even hardly dial 911 because I was scared, I was mad," she says.

Little Explorers Daycare on North State Street in Jackson was open for business Wednesday, and her staff spent their morning cleaning up the mess left behind by the intruders.

"They had mud on the floor, they had matches all over," says Assistant Director Lashina Wells.

The burglars left a trail of burned matches on the floor in a classroom, leading over to a fuse box. Apparently, Wells says, the burglars were trying to light their way to the fuse box to turn off the alarm.

Wells believes the burglars are people familiar with the daycare. They seemed to know that there are no alarm sensors in the kitchen, where they made entry through a window.

Wells told her employees she just happened to be driving by at 11:30 Tuesday night when she saw lights flickering inside, possibly the lit matches.

"The burglars were still in there, so she called 911 before she got out the car. It took them a while to get here, but once they got here they searched the property, but they were gone by then," Green says.

Wells says the alarm never sounded because she neglected to turn it on Tuesday before leaving the building.

Police did discover a snapped cable. It's just an AT&T U-Verse cable, and it did not affect anything else. The burglars were scared off before they were able to grab any cash or goods.

Little Angels Daycare on Nakoma Drive in Jackson also experienced a Tuesday night break-in. The burglars shattered the glass, heard the alarm, and took off before grabbing anything.

It's unknown if the incidents are connected, but police are investigating.

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