Fire devastates Jackson apartments - - Jackson, MS

Fire devastates Jackson apartments

Good Monday morning from MSNewsNow's Brandon Artiles and I hope you had a good weekend!

We're just above freezing right now as we start the day at 33 degrees.  Meteorologist Julia Weiden will let us know how much that sunshine will warm us up today in her First Alert Forecast.

Breaking news, several families and people in Jackson are homeless this morning after a fire rips through the Casa Grande Apartments on Terry Road. We'll bring you video of the devastating flames and Jessica Bowman will join us from the scene live, coming up on the WLBT AM Reports.

Plus, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy as a champion for civil rights will be remembered all over the world and here in Mississippi today. We'll tell you about some of the MLK Day celebrations that are planned.

And, the "knockout game" has made it's way to the metro area after an innocent woman was hit in the head at the Walmart in Pearl. The 13-year-old believed to be behind the attack is in custody, but wait until you find out what he hit her with.

Those stories and much more are heading your way.

Please join us from 5 to 7 and Mississippi News Now continues on Fox 40 from 7 to 9.

Have a great Monday!

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