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Rankin Co. grass fire torches several acres

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A fire broke out on Monday afternoon in Rankin County causing several acres of land to be burned.

The blaze off of Tiffany Drive was a grass fire that burned about 20 acres. 

Six different fire departments helped extinguish the flames.

 The National Weather Service has issued a precaution for people to be careful when burning leaves or other debris, during this extremely dry weather pattern.


Click for more information on the National Weather Service's RED FLAG WARNING

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Chris Walley, the Public Safety Specialist with the Rankin County Emergency Operations Center said, "The lady we spoke to earlier she said she witnessed it, turned around to get a hose to help put it out, next thing she knew the whole pasture went up, so she was just a bystander that saw it and tried to help. She said literally within 10 seconds it had taken the pasture out from behind em."

The Mississippi Forestry Commission was also called in to help contain the fire using bulldozers.



Walley said, "Our dangers are our structures we have, were trying to protect those the best we can. We do have several firemen down there, a bunch of brush trucks. What were trying to do is keep it off any structure and the wind were working on, we'll get a good stop on it then the wind will come in and knock it off. Were trying to stay ahead of it and protect our surrounding structures the best we can."

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