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Some Rankin County residents upset about proposed game preserve

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Fenced-in property to hunt native and exotic animals in Rankin County; it's a proposal that is not going over well with residents of the Reservoir East subdivision. The area surrounds McClain Lodge, off Holly Bush Road.

The owner of a 390 acre parcel of land, Buddy McClain, started building a high fence around some of it. He is proposing to provide a place to raise and hunt native and exotic animals near his McClain Lodge. He discovered he needs a permit from the U. S.  Army Corps of Engineers to build the fence, after it's construction was already underway. The area is in a wetlands.

The corps is now studying his proposal and trying to decide if a public hearing on the issue will be held. Residents of the nearby Reservoir East subdivision are upset about the proposal.

"I'm angry, I am very angry," said Reservoir East resident Annie Johnson. "I think it is selfish, I think it is irresponsible of Mr. McClain to do this and not take into consideration the bigger issue, of all the people living here. There's 800 plus houses in this subdivision, and he is going to build his fence for exotic game hunting right behind our houses."

"Extremely distressed for this to happen virtually in our back yards," said Michael Ellis, another Reservoir east resident who showed us a picture of animals already there. "We are worried to death about our kids and families. Bullets travel a long way, bullets don't recognize a fence."

We called the owner of the property, Buddy McClain, on his cell phone and he did not return our calls.

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