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Diabetes Telehealth Network set to launch this spring

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"This is a platform that is on a tablet that they will be sent home and have daily interaction with our health care team," explained Dr. Kristi Henderson, director of telehealth at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

They will start recruiting patients in Sunflower County this March. The goal is to have 200 folks for the study.

"We'll know about subtle changes in their vital signs and even changes in their symptoms that may signify something is progressing," said Henderson. "So that we can intervene earlier,"

The Delta was chosen for the pilot because of the high percentage of diabetes patients.

"People there have trouble with transportation," described Governor Phil Bryant. "If you don't have a vehicle and you're elderly we need to be able to go in your home remotely and monitor and provide you treatments."

University Medical Center employees expect to see reduced complications with the new tech-powered lifeline.

"Then we expand it across Mississippi and across the nation," Bryant said, "This is not just Mississippi. This is something that all nation will be watching and monitoring."

Dr. Henderson added, "So if the outcomes are going to show what we think we're going to show, this can be scaled up to any geographic location, for any chronic disease."

GE Healthcare has been working with the other partners for nearly a year to develop this pilot program.

The estimated cost of the 18 month pilot is $1.6 million.

Thousands of Mississippians struggle with diabetes. Sometimes there are problems with access to medical care they desperately need.

The Diabetes Telehealth Network will bring a new meaning to doctor's visits for some patients.

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