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Dangerous Road Conditions in Rankin, Simpson Counties

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The roads in Southern Mississippi counties continue to cause dangerous conditions for drivers because of black ice.

Many collisions and people sliding off the road were reported Tuesday in Rankin County. A stretch of Highway 469 in Florence covered in ice caused many of those accidents.    

"Everybody is working together to try to keep everyone safe and keep the roads open, said Sheriff Bryan Bailey. "It's just, it's a big mess right now."

Sheriff Bailey says he and his team responded to nearly 60 accidents, 8 of those with injuries.

"I have pretty much half of my department out working right now," added Sheriff Bailey. "We are working with the road department, trying to get the roads clear. We just don't have the resources to get this ice off the road."

The county has used most of its salt supply so officials are trying to reserve the most they can for Wednesday morning.

"Hopefully MDOT may have more resources than we do here in the county," said the Sheriff. "We've bout expired all of our salt supply. We're saving some for the bridges in the morning. They expect the temperature to rise and the ice on the roads to melt but it takes the bridges longer to thaw out."

Officials stress not go out on the roads unless you desperately have to. If you do have to head out Wednesday morning, please take it slow and drive with caution.

"Just drive 20 mph," said Florence Police Chief Richard Thomas. "If you get on some slick ice please do not hit your breaks. It's not going to stop, it's going to slide." 

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